How to Advertise With No Budget

There are tons of advertising tips out there to make sure you’re getting the most exposure for the money you’re spending. However, many start up companies have little or no money to spend on advertising. Following are a few tips to get the word out without spending a nickel.

– Social networking. There are tons of sites out there like MySpace, Facebook and LiveJournal where savvy consumers often talk about the latest and greatest product or service. Advertising through this venues won’t mean the traditional ad placement. Instead, you’ll simply sign on and start a discussion about your company. Make your comments interesting and positive and people will want to check out what you have to offer.

– Message Boards. National message boards like CraigsList are a great way to place a free ad for your company. Don’t stop there though. There are often local message boards available through sites like Yahoo or your local college where you can target a more specific audience.

– Word of mouth. One of the most effective ways to get people interested in what you have to offer is by simply creating a buzz. Offering a free product or service to new customers is one way to get people talking. You might also consider coming up with an interesting slogan or tag line that will get people talking about the creative side of your business.

No matter what type of business you have, advertising pays a crucial role in getting started. While the quality of your products or services might be excellent, if customers don’t know you exist, it won’t do you any good. Following these free advertising tips is a great way to get people in your door.

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