Importance of email marketing

Email marketing is a very popular form of marketing that uses electronic mail as a means of quick, easy and effective communication of messages to reach a larger audience. Speaking in a specific way, each one of the emails that are sent to the possible potential customers or current customers be considered marketing through e-mails. However, this popular term is commonly used to refer to the shipping of messages by e-mail with the sole purpose of improving trade relations of an SME with its existing clients.

Our company employees at, are specialists in digital marketing,  and this offers its customers  and business owners who are associated with different professional organizations of medicine and health, this new alternative of marketing to get to know each other better in this market and thus acquire more leads and more traffic on their web sites. We will below the advantages they are going to get when using the e-mail marketing in comparison to traditional advertising.

The e-mail marketing today is very popular within companies and companies of prestige for many reasons, among the main are the following:

  1. They can give you an accurate tracking for the recovery of the investment if done properly: This is a great strategy of market, it has been shown to be very effective speaking in economic terms and in hearing.
  2. Advertisers can acquire a considerable number of new subscribers to your e-mails, to be able to receive through e-mail subjects of interest to them.
  3. More than half of the users of internet review or send e-mails at any time and any typical day.
  4. The e-mail marketing invites subscribers to take immediate action. You can also drive traffic to one or more websites where you can offer products and these in turn, increased the chances of a quick response.
  5. Physical costs of emails are substantially less than the direct mail.

Taking all these factors into account, we can say that the e-mail marketing is important because a significant percentage of users may or may not buy or perform an action on the first visit, but if you are able to make a follow-up through the e-mails to that potential customer will increase the chance of them return when you are ready to buy.This is one of the main reasons why email marketing is so important and so useful for the modern business world.