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The Psychology of Colors in Logos

Color is something that humans love. The fascination in fact does not wane with time. It also conveys messages, evoke emotion and is able to add brilliance towards different things. Color also has a crucial role in logos.

Optimistic Yellow

The color of the sun, as what we were taught since kindergarten is yellow, which is why it’s easy to understand that yellow evokes feelings of warmth, optimism and clarity. Yellow likewise is a rich color, which is often associated with treasures and gold. The fact that it is so bright, it is able to stand out even at busy surroundings.

Confident Orange

Orange is actually a color to which doesn’t let anyone pass without being noticed. This can in fact easily stand out in a crowd and is confident enough to become the center of attention. Another thing about the orange color is that it also signifies being youthful, creative and enthusiastic. It is likewise a kid-friendly hue. It’s very effective at luring those with a sweet tooth.

Red for Energy Levels

Red is the kind of color that can easily raise your pulse rate through simply looking at it. This is a powerful color which is exciting, warm, urgent and sexy. It is also the color of romance, blood and classic roses. This is a color that’s often used in the entertainment industry.

Purple is Imagination

Purple is royalty. This likewise conjures images of opulence, grandeur and mysticism. This is capable of activating the imagination and enthralls your eyes. A brand that uses the color of purple is able to draw customers searching for an experience which is a step away from the ordinary. It also carries a sense of wisdom.

Dependability with Blue

Simply sitting by the ocean on a clear day and staring up the flawless sky is going to let you immediately know that blue is a calming color. This likewise signifies being mighty like the sky and ocean. It conveys feelings of dependability, strength and tranquility.

Peaceful Green

Though earth is a blue planet, it however has a lot of green in it. The color green symbolize peacefulness and serenity and also conveys the idea of growth. Whole foods also takes the advantage of it because people associates green with health.

The Elegance and Simplicity of Black and White

Black is a color that symbolizes credibility and professionalism, but this could also be edgy. The color white is clean and is pure. The use of both color will create a logo to which is timeless and is beautiful.

The psychology of colors is truly a deep subject which is able to fascinate people.