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The Power of Influencer Marketing Marketing has a concept called influencer marketing, and it is not a new way in the field. This influencer marketing system is described as getting the right people to talk about your products and services, and give you the opportunity to expand your market and lead to an increase in sales revenue. It is a fact that marketing by word of mouth has always been an effective and trusted strategy in marketing since it gives your products and services to be heard and known by your potential buyers. In the past marketers used a megaphone, radio or television and others to announce their companies, products and services . The impact of the internet has led the development of a new kind of influencers called the online influencers, and thus marketing has a new method aside from the word of mouth method to make known a company, product or service. These online influencers come in the various social platforms and social media that will help build interest and relationship with the online potential customers by knowing your products or services. Through the influencer marketing method, your business is given an opportunity to tap into your targeted market. What you have to do then is to know how to maximize the returns of the investment of this influencer marketing.
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In order for you to maximize the investment you placed in your influencer marketing, there are some activities that a marketing consultant would recommend.
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The first way is by looking for influencers that are within your scope of market and outside of your scope of market. To cite an example, a furniture company should have its marketing check out interior design blogs, fashion blogs, DIY blogs and also construction blogs to see if these areas will have a need of your furniture. You might want to have big names of influential people, from the movie world or sports and others to be a part of your influencer marketing, but at the same time you would want your potential customers to know first-hand your product or service. Another way to maximize your influencer marketing is to give rewards to your influencers like those strong players in your social media, and you can do this by giving them the first opportunity to try your new product or service, or give them exclusivity of a new introduction. By allowing your influencers to use first-hand your new product or service, they will in turn give you their opinion about it and you can use it when you roll out your marketing to the outside world. Generally, people like to feel important and special and it is good to be reminded of this. Because then, you can have your influencers posts, or re-tweet about your product or service to a bigger social media hoopla. Next to mention in maximizing your influencer is to make your business relationship a personal one. Influencers are passionate and are knowledgeable in their industry, and getting them in their terms will make them engage in the relevance of your product or service to their industry.