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The Guidelines of Creating or Producing an Instagram Marketing Strategy The Instagram is definitely one of the most commonly used mobile application that enables and provide their members or their users the ability to share privately or publicly the photos and videos from their own mobile gadget, to the said mobile application or to any other social networking platforms. Some of the common tools and features offered by the Instagram to their members include video sharing, the lux effect, Instagram direct, Instagram stories, a number of photographic filters, and an explore tab. Instagram is commonly used by the people and owners of businesses, in order to get their products and their brand to be seen by more people, since the Instagram became very popular in every parts of the world and most of the members of the Instagram or Instagrammers are online shoppers. In order to successfully use the Instagram to market and advertise your products and brand, the first thing that you need to do is to create and optimize your business Instagram account, and that is by staying easily recognizable by creating a consistent name and photo, using a more interesting and informative bio that can help you to hook followers, and include a link to increase traffic in your own site. The next step is to create posts in their own profile that other members will definitely want to follow, such as by offering exclusive announcements and promotions to their followers, producing unique-type of lifestyle photos to capture their brand culture, ensuring that the size of their photos are designed with professional quality, using the editing tools of the Instagram for their photos to stand out from other business accounts, avoiding any hard selling to have an appeal with the social culture in the Instagram world, promoting their products and brands with a more professional and creative photos, and promoting events on the said mobile application. After creating posts in their very own profile, the next step is to make sure that they will definitely reach a much bigger population of followers in Instagram, and that can be achieved by sharing the tagged photos of their followers on their very own profile or account, using a number of hashtags to broaden and widen their discoverability, and inviting the well-known ambassadors of Instagram to share their products and brand. After reaching a much bigger population of Instagram followers, the next step is to increase or expand their engagement to strengthen or enhance their relationship to their customers in such mobile application, and such can be achieved by using useful tools for Instagram shopping, responding to shout outs and notifications of made by their followers, writing an inviting and active captions, and producing contests to their Instagram followers.The final step is to measure their success in Instagram by continuing their growth in the business industry, and that can be achieved by paying more attention to the media that is most-likened by their followers, tracking the density to optimize the schedule of their posts, tracking their reciprocity to locate their loyal fans, using a scheduling applications to lessen their time on the said mobile application, posting their products and brands on a regular schedule, and directing their strategy toward a more realistic and sensible goals.

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