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Plumbing Problems – When Should You Call The Plumber There will come a point that a homeowner will experience a plumbing problem. There are some minor plumbing problems that can be easily repaired at home with very little cost or no cost at all. Be aware, though, that there are plumbing problems that only a professional plumber should repair in order to prevent the worsening of the damage. You will find below the list of plumbing emergencies that require the expertise of a trusted plumber. Gas Line Problems: A broken gas line is considered a very serious plumbing emergency. An experienced plumber must look at the gas leak problem as soon as possible. To fix a broken or damaged gas line, a plumber should be contacted immediately since they have the necessary expert knowledge and equipment to rectify the problem. The plumber will also be able to detect the gas leak using tools or equipment. Repair, re-threading or replacement of pipes and pipe fittings should be done by someone who has training and expertise to perform these. Sewer lines: A plumber should be the one to repair sewer lines. An untrained individual trying to fix a sewer line can cause more problems and may become more costly to repair in the long run. A professional plumber should be contacted in the case of a broken or overflowing sewer line. This repair job requires special plumbing tools and equipment.
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Water lines: Another difficult plumbing problem is a burst water pipe that may be due to an expanded crack or a frozen pipe. Fixing a damaged or broken line will need special tools, equipment and pipe fittings. You should immediately shut off the water source and then call your trusted plumber.
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Stubborn Clogged Drain: A clogged drainage can be especially frustrating. Some will try to solve the problem by using chemicals or drain cleaners or plunging the toilet. However, there are times when the clog or toilet will not be cleared by using amateur solutions. This could mean that the problem lies deep within the drain pipe or even in the septic tank. A plumber will have the necessary equipment to locate and clear the clog. A professional plumber will be able to resolve the problem and you will enjoy the benefits of having your drain cleaned. Any intricate device or component of a plumbing system should be handled by a plumber. The plumbing system is very delicate and complex to be handled by an amateur so it is best to call a professional plumber to handle these emergencies. The plumbing system is very complex and should be handled by a professional plumber.