If You Think You Get Mail, Then Read This

How Direct Mail Stands Up In Today’s Marketing Trends?

In this modern era, we can’t deny the fact that we are bombarded with technology everywhere we look. Thus, it might seem like doing direct mail marketing becomes an outdated practice already. What seems unfortunate here is that, there are lots of businesses that have bought this concept and because of that, they discard doing the practice. Before you find yourself disregarding this marketing technique on the other hand, you may want to think of it several times again and go on the opposite direction.

As you dismiss such marketing campaign, you are actually missing lots of great opportunities, read on to know what these things are:

Number 1. Mail campaigns create a more personal touch – it is pretty obvious that email is used heavily as a medium of communication by many. It even happens to the point that there are 3 or 4 email addresses owned by one individual. According to research, it shows that only around 20 percent of emails are being opened while the rests are deleted. Companies that are sending direct mails rather than emails have higher success rate with almost everyone reading or opening cards and fliers. Being able to personalize a mailer or letter helps in creating strong initial connection with customers and prospects.

Number 2. Tangible – regardless of what strides are taken on digital world, documents that consumers can hold on to will always have value. For discounts and coupons, consumers are likely to use the promotion if it arrives through a postal service. There are lots of people who would not bother taking the time printing out digital material while some don’t have access to smart phone apps that eliminate the need for printouts.

Number 3. Direct targeting – good advertising agencies are well aware of the true power of data collection and consumer profiling and they’ll apply the results into their direct mail marketing campaign. By collecting data and research for over a certain period of time and plug the info to specific analytics computer program, it can develop a consumer profile that will likely make engagement into your business.

It’s possible to narrow down geographical area and be able to target those who will make a response through significant technological advancements. Everyone will certainly agree that this is an exceptional marketing method and research showed that the results are favorable.

Number 4. Shelf life longevity – to create connection and instill the brand’s image within the mind of consumers is the main goal of using direct mail. Brand recognition is an extremely powerful tool for any company. Using mails, research has proven that consumers are likely to keep that piece for longer period of time than emails.

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