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Hire Commercial Carpet Cleaning for Your Carpet Cleaning Needs There are many differences between commercial carpet cleaning and cleaning carpets in your home. The truck-mounted system and the encapsulated machines, are two of the methods used by carpet cleaning companies. Because of the high volume of traffic in businesses and office buildings, commercial carpet cleaning requires more rigorous effort than residential carpet cleaning. A carpeted restaurant, for example, will have to deal daily with a high number of dirty shoes. And not only that but they also need to clean out the spills and grease on the fabric. It is possible to degrease and prepare the carpet for a thorough cleaning through multiple pre-treatments. When the degreaser has stayed for the prescribed amount of time for the loosening agent to soak in, the carpet cleaning can begin. A truck-mounted carpet cleaning system uses high heat, high water pressure, and a strong vacuum to do the cleaning. A special chemical that encapsulates the dirt is used in an encapsulation machine, then the machines uses a heavy rotary brush to scrub in the chemicals to get them deeper into the carpet. The encapsulated dirt is then extracted through a vacuum.
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One cannot say which of these two carpet cleaning methods is better than the other. There are different jobs that suit each of these methods. You should use the encapsulation method if you have a high traffic area with greasy carpets. If there are fresh spills or if you want to extract an excessive amount of water from a pipe leak, then the truck mount works best.
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Commercial carpet cleaning cannot be done as a do-it-yourself project. Even if your company has night cleaning crews or janitors, they are not well equipped enough to handle this great task. It involves diligent research to find the right commercial carpet cleaning company. With the right equipment and the right amount of experience, a good carpet cleaning company will be able to handle all your carpet cleaning needs. Many companies both have the truck-mount machine and encapsulation machines. A small business with an owner operator would be the best company to consider. You will most likely receive a more personalized touch. Vacuuming regularly with a good vacuum cleaner should be done by your janitor or night cleaning crew. If you want to maintain a cleaner commercial carpet longer, then you should do this regularly. A door mat at the entrance would be good also. A clean workplace promotes productivity, peace of mind, and the happiness of both your workers and your customers. So, do your research and find a good commercial carpet cleaning company today.